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An enterprise-grade mining management solution by Genesis Mining

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Genesis Hexa is an enterprise-grade mining management solution. It is THE All-In-One Software you need to build and operate massive mining farms. It enables quick and painless deployment, easy monitoring, and advanced reporting.

Six years in the crypto industry are comparable to a lifetime in any other field. Having to figure out everything on our own in the middle of abruptly changing market conditions taught us invaluable lessons and made us industry leaders. We’ve packaged everything we know about building mining farms into Hexa, and soon it will be available for You as well.

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Quick deployment and Configuration

Every second counts.

The statement above is basically the single most important thing you need to know about building mining facilities. Hexa is designed to make the deployment of huge data centers as quick and painless as possible. Hexa automatically detects all machines and adds them to the system.

With Hexa, you will be able to assign physical locations to miners in order to mirror the real world as closely as possible, helping you manage your maintenance personnel efficiently and decrease your operational costs!

Hexa offers the easiest and most accurate way of configuring your miners to your requirements: From the smart pool management system to the miner configuration, you can configure everything down to the individual fan speeds.

Quick deployment and Configuration


What lies at the heart of Hexa is the way it revolutionizes how you can see your operational data in real time. You can easily check any miner in the detailed miners page, or browse through the heatmaps to identify problems.

Hexa uses the information from miners to help you make informed decisions about how to steer your maintenance processes. If there is anything amiss, you will get notified by the smart notifications right away.


Advanced Reporting

Hexa places all data about your farm at your fingertips. No spreadsheets, no copy-pasting, no searching through external block explorers.

  • Hexa uses its own block explorer to get all the information, so you know how much your mining rewards are, and where they are held.
  • The reporting page shows you how your OPEX and CAPEX costs are distributed and where you need to apply changes to make your farm run at the lowest possible OPEX costs.
  • The advanced maintenance reporting makes sure that you can easily manage your employees by providing detailed shift reports and downtime tracking.
  • Hexa saves all events that happen to a miner. This means your farm will be as transparent as the blockchain itself.
Advanced Reporting


Support for any miner type and firmware

Full support for any miner hardware and its software components as well as enhancements

Advanced configuration management

Choose which miners you want to configure in an easy map view

Firmware Upgrades

Keep your miners upgraded to the most efficient firmware of your choosing

Maintenance Reporting

Making the management of maintenance as easy as pie


See harmful trends before they become problems

Data analysis and reports

All the relevant numbers at your fingertips

Tell Us About Your Mining Operation

Hexa is meant to serve large-scale enterprise mining operations.

Please tell us about your farm and if we think Hexa can help, we’ll get in touch.