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Genesis Hive

Deployment, monitoring, management. Genesis Hive is the ultimate system to manage a mining data center.

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What is Genesis Hive?

Genesis Hive is a B2B software solution to easily deploy, maintain, and manage hyper-scale mining data centers.

We have been quietly developing Genesis Hive since the early days of our mining operations and are using it to build and maintain our own data centers with great success. Genesis Hive enables us to manage our service’s mining back-end with maximum efficiency.

We are constantly improving our software to prepare today’s large scale miners for tomorrow’s needs in the world of mining.

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Cost-Efficient Deployment

Every minute counts.

Never before has it been so easy to setup and install a mining data center infrastructure of any size. Genesis Hive will automatically detect all mining devices, add them to the system, and re-configure them to your needs - no matter the network structure.

Our revolutionary shelf assignment process allows you to add location based information of thousands of miners in just a few hours. Once setup, your maintenance will spot problematic miners at a glance and keep your maintenance costs to a bare minimum.

Deployment Wizard

Automatic identification and deployment of all existing mining devices.

Configuration Assistant

On the fly, global scale hardware configuration and bulk software updates.

Cost-Efficient Deployment

Detailed Operational Monitoring

Keeping the big picture.

Through a high degree of automation and detailed reporting, our software allows you to take over full control of your operation from anywhere in the world. By cutting down operating costs and raising hashrate performance to the maximum, it automatically solves all necessary tasks in the most cost-efficient way and gives you a summary of all processes.

Get detailed information and statistics about hashrates, temperatures, rig statuses, calculated power consumption, and much more.

All-In-One Dashboard

All of your assets on a single page with detailed information. From simple hashrate graphs to highly detailed total power consumption.

Smart Feedback

Keep your team on the same page with process-specific maintenance notifications and task distribution.

Detailed Operational Monitoring

Hyper-Scale Management

Streamlining complexity.

Genesis Hive has made the management of hyper-scale mining data centers as straight forward as possible. Each segment of a mining data center does not only employ its own trait of complexity, but was even considered impossible to do in a streamlined way.

Today, we can access, analyse and control the smallest details that mark the greatest challenges. Optimize the general cooling efficiency by analyzing airflows, or map out the complete data center and automate its various processes. With Genesis Hive, it is practically achievable to increase the maximum performance with minumum expenses.

Power Consumption Assistant

Measure the electricity and maintenance consumption of complete data centers or individual pools and devices and use the built in calculator to predict future costs and the ROI. Genesis Hive will help you to stay in the safe zone.

Performance Calculators

Use cutting-edge, built-in performance calculators and analysing tools to predict current mining performance, future expenses and risk-probabilities.

Detailed Operational Monitoring

... and much more!

Interested in Genesis Hive? Contact us!

If you are already running a mining operation or are planning to build a new data center, we would love to hear from you and discuss your use case for Genesis Hive.

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